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APRIL 20th, 2010


Last Tuesday evening was a very interesting evening for all involved in The Pure Golf Mental Game Training skills class at Leopardstown hosted by myself and Dr.Chris Lonsdale.For me over the years, the mental game has always been a key part of the make up of a golfer who is fulfilling their relative potential. To get the chance to work with Chris and 6 of our students for the evening was a thrill.The great thing about the session was that we managed to do a lot of it "actively" with clubs in our hands playing shots and applying some of the work.

The content of the course is aimed at covering 2 aspects. How to organise and execute your practice routines correctly and efficiently and also how to create a proper "Shot-Routine" one of which is of value and purpose.


PRACTICE; Most of our practice sessions consist of just hitting balls out on to the range trying to feel the latest move or swing tip. Chris expanded this to suggest that there was also a place for "variable" practice, that is preparing for and playing shots that you would have in a normal round of golf and changing targets and clubs after each shot. Sound more like Golf!?


SHOT-ROUTINES; Chris asked us to focus the mind before we play the shot and try to suggest to ourselves exactly what it is we were trying to do...to rehearse it..and then execute it! 

All in all, it was a great evenings work and if you would like to join us for one of them, just hit the contact button and we look forward to welcoming you.

Good Golfing!








FEATURE TEACHER! - 19 October 2009


Moyvalley Champions Club Head Professional Tristan Mullally kindly shares his thoughts with us on how he approaches player instruction, check it out!


Panama Coaching Trip Blog - 01 May 2009

"I have just landed in Panama to take a look at the golf coaching structures in place on behalf of the PGA of Europe and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club. This initiative gives developing golfing nations the chance to have their training programmes, tournament structure and general methods of operation assessed and advised upon. Over the next 8 days I'll be keeping you posted on the developments and hopefully share with you some of the challenges that they have as they strive to develop the game of golf in their country. I'm sure it will be an interesting journey for all of us!" DK.


Panama Blog Day 2 - 02 May 2009
Arrived at the Summit golf resort to meet some of the local pros and board of the administration. We had a full day conference, the first half of which was taken up discussing the current situation in Panama with regard to junior player development and coaching systems in place. For the remainder of the day we had a lot of interesting debate with regard to teaching techniques and the planning of player pathways. I have to say, i was very impressed with the level of knowledge that the pros had and hopefully we can work together over the next week or so to give them some fresh ideas and approaches.
Summit itself is a public facility which is undergoing a major renevation and hotel build. It is a regular stop for the Golfers who disembark the cruise ships which go through the panama canal to get their "fix" and play a few holes.
Tomorrow, the plan is to play Club de Golf de Panama with some of the nations best juniors.CDGDP has been a nationwide tour stop for the past 6 years. Better get some good rest for that one! ill keep you posted....DK

Panama Coaching Blog Day 3 - 05 May 2009
On the odd ocassion as a student of St.Colmans college in Claremorris, my mother would choose to furnish me with a tomato sandwich for reasons best known to herself. Now, i do not have an issue with Tomato sandwiches persay, but when they are wrapped in cling film and its hot, thats another story. Thats how i felt on the 4th tee at Club De Golf De Panama today.It was so humid. Weightwatchers? no need, just play at CDGDP and you'll be fine!
I had the oppurtunity of playing with some of Panamas finest juniors today and as well as being able to golf their ball, what nice guys they were. Perfect English and great company.
The club itself is the home to a Nationwide tour stop in January and a fantastic test of golf. I really enjoyed it.
Tomorrow, we will do some junior clinics and play at Summit with some of the other juniors.I look forward to it...DK  

Panama Coaching Trip Blog



Panama Blog Day 7;

My last day as I travel home tomorrow and we spent some time discussing Goal setting and Motivation techniques for young players as well as tidying up some loose ends. I also looked at some of the Pro's own games and tried where possible to help them.
On the way back to the hotel, the president of the Association,Roberto Vallerina, treated me to a guided tour of the Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal. What an amazing feat of engineering that is! About 40 ships pass through it each day at an average cost of $250,000 per ship! Expensive, but if you consider it would cost approx $1,000,000 to take it down around Tierra del Fuego and back up, not bad value.
Panama regained control of the canal from the US in 1999 and as well as being approx 40% more efficient in its running, it has also all but stopped serious accidents/injuries. Amazing place.
My most sincere thanks go out to the Pro's, board and players in Panama who made my trip in Panama a memorable one.
I hope you have enjoyed the trip as much as I have, now its back home to see my beautiful new baby daughter Alex, who by this stage must wonder where dad has been...DK


Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal









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