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Chipping -  A Low running shot played from within 5/10 yards of the putting green.

Now  lets list the basic set up positions and swing.


What club to use?

This diagram will give us an easy way to visualise effective chipping.
Each chip lands approximately 2 yards on to the green and the loft on the face decides the run out of the ball.

Chip or Putt?

Obviously it’s a lot easier to putt from off the green but the main reason you see tour players chipping from close to the greens edge is that putting through grass can be a little un- predictable. The grass tends to move the ball off its intended line and this not only causes the putt to miss its target but causes the player to sometimes think they have misread the putt  when in fact they have not.

Flag in or out?
Dave pelz the renowned short game guru has researched this and tells us in is better!
On the flip side to that I like it out as it focuses me on holing it rather than getting it close.

Putting Grip

I like to use my putting grip as I feel im making a one lever putting stroke.
If you haven’t tried it, give it a go you might like it.


web feb 18 014.jpg


Rescue or fairway wood chipping

The clubs leading edge is the reason behind a lot of people choosing to chip with these clubs. As you can see in the diagram the leading edge is more rounded in these clubs than in irons and this keeps it from getting caught in the rough.


web feb 18 004.jpg   web feb 18 009.jpg


If you are going to use it grip down, stand close, and above all to avoid looking like your watching too much tv, practice it!


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